I don’t think so………..

It seems that I am constantly surrounded by idiots who do as they please, then act surprised when they get nailed. The latest in asshattery is the school teacher at our ISD who was doing a bit of behind the scenes military recruiting without permission. In fact, it is expressly FORBIDDEN to recruit on school grounds without prior permission from both the school board and the parents of the children who are being recruited. While I am not happy that my son wants to throw away a four year scholarship to join the Navy, I am absolutely pissed about how this whole situation came about. It seems that this particular “teacher” was leaning heavily on more than one kid, trying to strong arm them into joining the military. When said teacher was informed by the son that I would not be happy about this, teacher then advised my son to lie to me and say he was continuing his work towards college. In case you missed it………..a teacher, someone who is supposed to be a role model for his students, advised a student to LIE to his parent. Some role model, huh?

It ain’t over either. I have a meeting scheduled with the school superintendent. And if I have my way, there will be one less teacher in our ISD when this is over. The last thing any school district needs is a teacher who would encourage bad behavior in his students. They can think up enough stupid shit on their own without any help. Encouraging a student to lie, for any reason, is not acceptable. This particular poor role model will soon be looking for another job elsewhere, at least I hope so. There is no excuse for this. He abused his position of power.

If the son decides to join the military, he will do it of his own free will. He will NOT be strong armed or bullied into it. I will damn well see to that. His recruiter is already well aware of my feelings on this, he made the mistake of calling here, it didn’t work out the way he thought it would. How do you know if a recruiter is lying? His lips are moving. Unfortunately for him, my bullshit-o-meter works MUCH better than my sons, and bullying is a tactic I don’t tolerate. I don’t expect he will call here again, and if son decides to join up, we will be taking a trip to Abilene to the recruiter there. Maybe we will see the errant teacher in the unemployment line. He needs a different job, for sure.

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3 Responses to I don’t think so………..

  1. Anonymous says:

    grrrrr mama not happy

  2. Leonore says:

    holy hell, I don’t believe it. hard enough to keep our kids safe these days without THIS bullsh*t. hang in there, you’ve got a good kid, he’ll see the light – I just hope it’s in time.

  3. JT says:

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