I think I smell something.

The words you dread when coming from a customer. Particularly one in an all electric house. Because you just KNOW that smell is coming from under the house, and the only thing under there that smells is either something that has died, or a ruptured sewer line. I was not lucky enough for it to be the former, sigh.

Since I knew is was a black line rupture, under the house I went, to see what needed repairs. It was a poo-tastrophe, of unbelievable proportions. This thing must have been leaking for months. The line was ruptured in four places, and everything……………EVERYTHING……..that went down those lines went right out on the ground. There are three “poo pyramids” and one swampy wet area the size of Manhattan. Ugh. Of course, because it has been leaking for so long, everything is wet. That is NOT mud, not even close. And it’s progressed to the point that the entire sewer line must be replaced. Which means I have to crawl around in that mess. Right about now “welcome to WalMart” is looking pretty good. But, it’s my job, so tomorrow I will be in a real shitstorm, literally. I see lots and lots of plastic in my future. And a naked dash from the utility room to the shower tomorrow evening. Blech. So………….anyone interested in helping out with a plumbing job? No? Why am I not surprised.

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1 Response to I think I smell something.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how you do it gal!!! I’ve had to do some pretty nasty things along the way, but that beats them all! ColleenT

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