Last weekend

Headed up to Shawnee Oklahoma for the TSA trial. Selene got her JC and her ASFA certification. Hemi demonstrated his best whippet flop for us……’s pretty impressive to see a 120 pound dog come sliding for home and grabbing for the lure the whole way. Booker ran his heart out. And we froze our asses off on Saturday. The high for the day was 39 degrees, with a nasty north wind howling. I judged JC’s then spent the rest of the day standing in the back of a truck lure operating. It was cold on the ground, downright miserable in the exposed back of the truck. Thank goodness for Motel 6 and unlimited hot water. I think it took me about 30 minutes to warm up in the shower Saturday night. Sunday started out cold, but turned out to be a really nice day. A wonderful weekend. Good friends, fantastic food (the beef stew on Saturday is what saved us from freezing), nice running hounds. What more could you ask for. Except maybe if mr. jack would have put in an appearance, but that comes weekend after next.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    yippee for Selene!

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