A time for fun

Here’s baby Jack (Rose Hill Captain Morgan, Chabibi’s Korona-Kazan JC GRC LCM x Rosehill GL Serigraph SC FCH JOR), having a lot of fun chasing the lure toy. He reminds me so much of his full blood brother Comet (Zoiboyz Comet SC ORC GRC), owned by Tom Golcher and KC Thompson.

Jack is from our Spirits/D litter, cobred with Tom Golcher and KC Thompson, born October 8, 2008. Jack is available to the right performance and show home, but the longer he stays here, the less likely it is that he will ever leave 🙂

The Spirits/D litter is a repeat breeding of the Muscle Cars litter. Looking at what the Muscle Cars have accomplished, I have every reason to believe that magic will once again come in a bright red fur coat.

This is Jack’s big brother Hemi (DC Rose Hill GTX Super Stock SC, ASFA and OFC ptd), chasing some plastic. He’s having fun too.

And this is Cuda (MBIF FC Rose Hill Barracuda SC FCH, OFC ptd). Cuda is a full litter brother to Hemi (above), and is Jack’s other big brother here at Rose Hill. As you can see, a little water ain’t gonna stop this boy.

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1 Response to A time for fun

  1. April :-) says:

    He sure is a handsome boy!

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