Spring is officially here, no matter what the calendar says. The mesquite trees are budding, so the hard stuff is over for the year. Lots of new buds popping out, I should have some flower pics soon.

And I have little birds everywhere! Three baby Gouldians fledged late last week, I won’t know their color or sex until they moult. I have two little moldy looking Cut-Throat babies (they just look moldy, all black and fuzzy), four new Society finch fledglings (three crested and one smooth) and a new pink baby society in another nest. I will soon be putting up a web site for the birds, when I do I will post a notice here. Oh, the Pacific Parrotlets are breeding, so hopefully I will soon see some eggs, and in a few weeks I will be getting a pair of Princess of Wales keets, they are proven breeders and soooooo pretty. I am meeting up with another bird friend in three weeks to swap some birds and go to a big bird fair in La. Watch for news of the new arrivals!

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