Why do people assume that if you are not working that you are not doing anything? I mean, really……….”oh, you were off this weekend”. No, just because I was not getting paid does not mean that I was sitting on my butt. Way too much going on around here for that. I covered about 200 miles in a day picking up materials, dog food, bird food and needed items for here at the house, cleaned out flowerbeds, worked on fencing, worked on my truck and big van, cleaned house, did laundry, trimmed all the toenails running around here, and bathed a couple of really stinky housedogs. So, no, I was not off, I was busy as a one armed paper hanger.

Speaking of flowerbeds……….the first bloom of the season is showing itself’. A old fashioned purple iris. Everything else is busting out with buds or blooms, my favorite season will soon be upon me. And the hummingbirds will be here shortly. Can’t wait.

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