Take a deep breath…………

Today I partook in one of my least favorite activities in the whole world, I went to see the doctor. I decided it might be a good idea, since for the last couple of weeks I have had some niggling left sided chest pain and a fair amount of heartburn. Being an ex-paramedic, I am well aware that it could just be a muscle pull and reflux, or it could be cardiac, so off I went. To add to the fun, it was a new doctor, since my old one retired. We go through the whole mess of crap, no medical history to speak of, I only take one medication (thyroid meds), family history don’t count because I am adopted. It didn’t take me too long to decide I don’t like this fellow. He wants to run me into the hospital for a gob of tests when it’s not even certain I have a problem. Vitals are all perfect, so how about you take a listen and lets get an EKG before you start running up huge bills? Nothing weird was heard, so off for the EKG I went. As I pretty much expected, there was nothing at all weird on the 12 lead, even tho the tech gave me the old run around of “the doctor will talk to you about it”. Um, I am perfectly capable of reading a 12 lead, so stop with the dramatics.

After fighting this doctor to a standstill………….guess what? I have a muscle pull in my left chest wall that is aggravated by the work I do, and reflux secondary to a hernia I already knew about. I don’t want muscle relaxers or any other drugs, just wanted to know if it might be a cardiac issue. And it didn’t cost me a fortune to find this out because I used some common sense. Of course he also wanted to refer me to a surgeon for my trashed right shoulder, but I think I will pass on that as well. I am all too well aware that my body is tattered and torn from hard labor through the years, I see no reason to fix these issues, since they will just recur as long as I work in construction. Kinda like the hernia, it isn’t going to go away, and if operated on won’t stay away, so why bother?

During the initial exam under allergies I told him to write “Doctors”. That one is easy to treat.

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