The throat of the beast

Some days there is more pressure than others. Yesterday was one of those days. We have a current job going that is just a real mess for the homeowners. Some time back they lost the shingles and felt on the second story of their house. The house is a split level, so the whole get up on the roof thing is a pain anyway because some idiot decided the first story needed to have a very steep pitch to it. And I can only guess they didn’t like it, since the second story was damn near flat. This flat roof didn’t hold up too well to a past storm, which came along and sucked every last bit of roofing right off. And it was leaking before that happened (so common to flat roofs, I hate them).

The homeowner wanted us to raise the roof pitch, deck and shingle, in the hope that there would be no more leaks. His reasoning is very sound, but the implementation was a real pain in the ass. Because of where the house is located, using the skyhook to get the materials up was out of the question. Which meant that it was only getting up there one way…………..carried. Up the first ladder, across the back portion of the first floor roof, hard left in a NARROW area, then fight it up a steep incline to the work area. Not funny.

Then mother nature decided to up the ante yesterday. As we were running courses of shingles, you could hear an ominous rumble to the west. A huge black cloud, lots of lighting, and what looked to be a whole bunch of rain. Coming right at us…………towards a roof that was not even close to being in the dry. Two people, 9 squares of shingles…….we were nailing like madmen while the dragon breathed down our necks. The wind shifted, the temp dropped 20 degrees………and still we nailed. As we started running the cap, the first big raindrop hit my neck. And just as I nailed the last piece, the skies opened. That was cutting it way too close for comfort. We threw tools and bailed just as the lightning started up very close by.

I hate working under the gun like that, knowing that something very bad is going to happen if I can’t beat the clock. And I am so sore today that I can barely raise my right arm. But at least I know that there is no water in that house. And I hope I don’t have to do that again anytime soon.

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1 Response to The throat of the beast

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gosh Sherita, i don’t know how you do it!!!! ColleenT

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