A riddle for you

What’s 45 feet long, weighs 12,000 pounds, has the aerodynamics of a brick and gets 7 miles to the gallon? My rig, that’s what. And what a joy it was on Friday when I headed to the lure trial, with winds gusting in excess of 40 miles an hour. Two handed driving, fighting it all the way.

But that’s ok, because we had fun. I had a real cast of characters with me. BeBe and Van Geaux (they became known as the “jailbirds”, more on that in a minute). I also had babies Spirit, Kona, and Jack (the “Three Stooges”) and Sonnet, who turned out to be the only well behaved one in the bunch. The wind was HORRIBLE Friday night, and the babies decided to break out of their expen, followed by BeBe and Van Geaux. I rounded everyone back up, but the yearlings decided that they wouldn’t stay in the expen anymore, so they wound up crated………..the Jailbirds. The three babies kept everyone entertained. They thought the whole weekend was great fun, lots of people to pet and love on them. They spent their weekend taking the toys apart, and chewing the corners off of my shadecloths. Monsters. Nancy came out on Saturday to see them and give me a hand with the little beasties. They kept us very busy with their antics, and all three out on lead was something to see (I think we sure could have used one more person, ROFL).

And we accomplished a lot this weekend. Sonnet was BOB on Saturday for a 3 point major. BeBe and Van Geaux both got their JC’s and then certified for ASFA. This was a big relief for me. Van Geaux can be a bit of a jerk (he just figured out what those dangly bits are), but he was totally focused and very intent. BeBe will need to grow up more, she has so many angles she doesn’t know what to do with them. All three babies got to chase the lure, and had a lot of fun with it. Kona will be going to his new home next weekend, Spirit and Jack will stay here. Jack had been spoken for, then the person who wanted him just disappeared. A very foolish decision on their part, as he is extremely intent and keen, and I have very high hopes for this bright red fellow. Their loss, but most certainly my gain.

Colleen called to let me know that Baron (littermate to BeBe and Van Geaux) also got his JC this weekend and was very keen, screaming and growling at the lure until it was his turn.

And Gary brought his two Mirlings for me to choose my stud fee puppy. They are both VERY nice, and it was an extremely difficult decision, but I went with the little girl, Tori. Very feminine, pretty angles and a lovely head. She also has a very outgoing personality. What decided it for me was the fact that I just do not need any more testicles around here. Tori went back home with Gary, she will stay there until May, playing with her brother and growing up nice and strong. I simply did not have anyone here who could play with her, the babies here are much larger.

And this weekend was the dry run for the NLCC, which will be held this coming December. More on that in a later post, but it was a great success.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    a big congrates to you on your pups doing so well this past weekend and way to go Sonnet!!!ColleenT

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