A little down-time

The schedule has been insane lately. Between work and other commitments I haven’t had time to breathe. This weekend I am headed to Lousiana to meet up with some good friends and deliver a pup to his new home. Then, finally, I will have some downtime this month. I don’t have anything planned until the Big Spring shows the first part of May, two trials to judge in May and then shut down for hot weather.

The son and I will be taking a trip to the coast in June for a couple of weeks before he ships out. He has decided to join the Navy, and will be leaving in August.

This fall will be a crazy time for me. I have several new youngsters to get started on the coursing field, and I plan on hitting the hunting scene hard and fast with some of my best dogs. Of course there is the NLCC in December, I sure better be there since I am one of the lure operators, I just have to figure out which dogs I want to take. It’s going to be a real blast. I also have a trip planned in September and I will head to CT in October to judge. I am looking forward to that, I hope the leaves are still in color, as I have been told that it is beautiful.

A couple folks have asked if I am breeding this year, since I did have a couple of litters planned. After looking at the number of litters that are on the ground this year, I decided no. And I may not breed any litters myself next year. I have a couple of different folks who want to use my stud dogs, so I will be getting pups back from those breedings. I see no reason to breed litters here when I have several young dogs to start, I will be getting pups back for stud fees, and it would be a struggle to find the time to take off in order to whelp a litter in the near future.

That all being said, I really do want to get Bo bred next year if everything works out. I think it would be a fantastic performance litter. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Who knows.

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