Talk about looking stoopid

Trying to move birds around tonite, separating out the ones who will be going with me this weekend to La. Now, if you really want to look stupid, just let a little society finch get loose in the house. No, I didn’t know where it went. It took three people to locate the little thing, and two of those three to catch it. And yes, we did look stupid, this I know for a fact.

Bird – 1, humans – 0

Yeah, I know, pretty pathetic.

At least the birds are sorted out, cages are ready, van is loaded. Friday morning I will put the birds in their transport cages and load Kona. Then we will head out for Lafayette. Should be a fun time.

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1 Response to Talk about looking stoopid

  1. Anonymous says:

    I got a good chuckle this morning on that one! CT

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