Run free!

Gah, people make me sick. You see, we have a new arrival here. A young calico cat, she showed up yesterday evening. She’s quite obviously someones pet, or was before she was dumped here. She is very sweet, extremely emaciated, and I am guessing, still intact. I get a lot of “dumpee’s” here, people think they can turn Fluffy or Kitty loose and they will “be ok”. They will NOT be ok. I have cat killing dogs, there is a two lane highway not far from here, and your housepet has NEVER had to fend for itself’. Assholes, every last one. So anyways, Miss Kitty seems to have taken up residence here, and the resident cat, KitKat, seems to have accepted her. She is very gentle, so if she proves to be dog smart I will catch her up and have her spayed and vaccinated, and she can stay here. KitKat has an access hole to get under the house, Miss Kitty seems to have already found it and moved right in. No, she will not be in the house, my two ancient housecats would lose their minds, but she is welcome to stay here, be nice and warm and dry under the house, and will find that there is a ready supply of cat food at breakfast and dinner.

And to the bastard who dumped her out here to starve, you suck big rocks right up off the ground. If you don’t want an animal, take it to the shelter, hell, euthanize it. But for pete’s sake, don’t just dump it to starve, be run over by a car, or be killed by dogs or coyotes. Asshole.

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1 Response to Run free!

  1. April :-) says:

    Amen to that! Some folks should be “dumped” and asked to fend for themselves.

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