What a drive. Left here Friday at 11:00 ayem, arrived back home last night at 7:30. Over 1000 miles, and I had time for a nice sleep at the hotel Friday night. Not bad at all, but now the van needs an oil change again. Since it has over 200,000 miles on it, I am pretty damned religious about keeping the vital fluids nice and clean. It might be “high mileage”, but it’s really not. Since the early 90’s, it’s very reasonable to expect 500,000 out of a well maintained vehicle. Mine’s a ’94, so I expect at least another quarter-million out of it before it needs a new engine. Also sounds like a rear brake shoe is dragging, so that will get dealt with tomorrow.

On to the two main reasons for the trip. Kona was going to his new home, and they just love him. He was a Very Good Boy for the trip, and in the hotel room as well. No barking or whining, and only one pee accident on the way. It’s a long drive, so I think he did very well. He stayed in the hotel room with his new owners, and I had all the birds in my room. I felt like I was in some kind of rain forest, with all the whistles and chirps going on.

And the birdie trip was a roaring success. I took Julie some birds, she brought me a lot of birds, and I got some more at the bird fair. I didn’t go looking for hookbills, but when I found a very reasonable pair of proven Red Rumps, well, they came home with me. I also got some Lady Gouldian males to pair off with some hens that Julie brought me, and an absolutely stunning pair of Lutino Parakeets. Julie also outfitted me with abreathtaking pair of Scarlet Chested Grasskeets and another pair of Parrotlets (this pair is a green male and a blue female).

It’s Sunday evening now, and the Red Rumps are courting, my original pair of parrotlets is in and out of the nest box, and there is lots of singing and dancing coming from the new pairs of Lady Gouldians and the new Society finches too. I bet I have some new babies before long.

I am picking up the Princess of Wales grasskeets this coming weekend. I can hardly wait.

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1 Response to Whew!

  1. April :-) says:

    I can’t wait to see pics of all your new birds! GLad you had a nice trip too.

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