Can I have your attention PLEASE!

Please take note, if you are driving on the freeway and you have cars passing you on BOTH sides, you are driving too damned slow. You are not being “safe”, you are being a hazard to yourself and others. If you can’t handle your minivan at posted highway speeds, please take an alternate route. Todays theme for slow drivers was older folks in Sienna minivans, including one who was going 40! in downtown Houston. Good way to get run over. Of course, these kinds of folks are never in the accident, they just cause them.

Something else, to those folks who designed the Houston road system. The road signs should be BEFORE the damned exit, not right on top of it. And what is it with large cities that feel you should be able to cross five lanes of traffic in order to make the exit you need, when you just got on a quarter mile ago? Has to be a better way, if they would just apply themselves to it. Dallas has this affliction as well, and it’s just nuts. And it makes me nuts. And from the looks of the snarled traffic, there are a lot of other nuts out there too.

And just for the record, there isn’t enough money in the world to convince me that living in Houston could possibly be a good idea. Way too many folks in too small of an area, and they are all trying to go somewhere at the same time. On the same road. I am sure glad to be home, where a traffic jam only occurs if someones’ cows are cruising down the main drag after escaping their fences. Oh, and the holdup last year, when the bank was visited by a wild turkey. I don’t think he was trying to open an account, but in this economy, who knows.

Next weekend, I am not going ANYWHERE. For any reason. I have logged way too many miles the last three weekends. I am tired, the van is tired and we are both staying home. So there.

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