I am not sure what makes some folks tick. I had to drive down to Houston yesterday. Apparently that’s the yuppie capitol of Texas. I stopped to get a bite to eat, and when I came out, guess what I found? Some yuppie asshole had scribbled all over my bumper sticker. You know, the one that says “I’d rather be coursing”. Cowardly asshat. Sneaking around defacing other peoples property. And it’s a perfect example of what is wrong with the world. This person apparently doesn’t agree with my point of view, so chooses to prevent me from expressing it. Why is it that some people feel if they don’t like something or agree with something, that everyone else should feel the same way? Personally, I don’t like yuppies or PETA assholes, so does that mean I can try to eliminate them?

If I can’t get the scribbles off then I am gonna have to get me a new sticker. Betcha Dan has a few of them around. Maybe I should get a bunch, so I can stick them all over the PETA stickers that I see. Nah, that would make me just like them.

On to other things. Our new regime thinks that everyone should be required to have health insurance. Needless to say, I think that is a personal choice, not one the gubment should be dictating. After all, look how affordable auto insurance is since it has become required (with very little to no regulation). I pay nearly $400 a month for three older vehicles. I have no moving violations or tickets, the son has one minor fender bender that wasn’t even filed on. Folks, that’s $4800 a year, with clean driving records. And they wonder why people don’t have auto insurance. Duh. They can’t afford it. Same thing goes for health care. I pay for mine out of my pocket. Went to the doc a while back, saw him for about 10 minutes. He listed to my heart and lungs, gave me the old “stop smoking” lecture, and booted me out. Cost: $150……..for TEN minutes. How about making health care affordable again, and not trying to cram insurance down our throats.

And on to taxes, since I am already on a tear. As you know (or maybe you don’t), they raised the taxes on cigarettes again, cause, those nasty smokers are costing the health system so much money. Except, oops, it turns out that the non-smokers who live longer lives are costing a ton more due to old age infirmities such as Alzheimers and the need for long term skilled nursing care. Yes, I smoke, it’s my choice. That being said, if you want to raise taxes to bring in more money for an already bloated system, then don’t base it on lies. The most common lie is that they are encouraging folks to quit because it is so unhealthy with second hand smoke and all that. Well, how about we apply that same logic to booze? You know, drunk driving kills a whole bunch of people every day, so we should be taxing the shit out of alcohol as well if you follow the big brother way of thinking. Of course, the asshats on the hill will never do that, because that would seriously cut into their three martini lunchs. If you want to tax, tax fairly, stop using lame ass excuses. I have seen what it looks like to die of lung cancer, and I have picked up the parts off the highway after a family was cut down by a drunk driver. If I get cancer, it will be from my own choices. Those hit by drunks have no say in the choice, so lets “encourage” folks to quit drinking. And don’t start with the alcoholism bullshit. It’s an addiction, just like cigarettes. The only difference is that one is acceptable to the general populace (you can get help for alcoholism, clinics, treatments and sympathy), and the other is not (those nasty smokers standing out in the doorway, not running down innocent people with their cars in a nicotine induced haze). Truth be told, both are bad for you, so let’s tax both equally.

And one last thing. We are raising a generation of obese children. They are obese, not because of what they eat, but how MUCH. And the fact that they sit on their butts at every opportunity and play video games or stare at the idiot box. Try this…………feed them breakfast, then send them OUTSIDE to play. All day, till dark. No video games, no tv. OUTSIDE. It works. If you get them off of their over sized butts and outside, once they give up whining to come back in, they will play, and they will be healthy.

Hey! Since tv and video games are causing problems, we could tax them too! Here’s a better idea. Reel in the government spending, stop handing out money to companies that are flopping, and come up with a balanced budget. So GM is going bankrupt. Big deal. When a vehicle costs more than the house you live in, they have priced themselves right out of the market. And GM won’t die, they will just move overseas where there are no unions. And the unions that are demanding things that GM cannot pay for? Let me know how well that works out once the company has collapsed. Better pull your horns in before you have no job.

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