Spring Pretties to share……….

Just a few of the lovelies that are currently bursting into color in the yard………

Giant Amaryllis, I have two of these very stunning flowers in my beds. They come in other colors, needless to say, I want.

YAY! Pomegranate blooms………which means fruits this year! I love them, bet my birds will too.

Pretty, pretty. How do my iris grow? Very well, thank you.

My iris bed in the side yard.

One of the very dark burgundy iris I have. This one is at the base of one of my pecan trees.

The iris bed in the front yard. Wowza, they just popped right out, lotsa them.

This pale blue is found under another of my pecan trees.

and to finish, the Amaryllis that lives in the front flowerbed.

I also noticed blooms on my blackberries today, as well as the plum tree. The honeysuckle has gone wild again this year, the lilac has already bloomed. Sadly, it looks like I lost one of my desert willow trees, but the other has popped out little leaves, so I think it will be fine. More color to come, we are just getting started. And I need to mow the yard tomorrow, before it gets completely out of control.

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2 Responses to Spring Pretties to share……….

  1. April :-) says:

    Hey, I’ll trade you one of your Burgundy Iris for one of my deep purple with white center Iris after they are done blooming. And they smell wonderful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    pretty pretty! ours are just coming up out of the ground, be awhile here in NE for iris, although the daffadils are in full bloom! CollleenT

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