Well, this crap has started early this year. Booker was bitten by a rattler on Saturday. Not once, but twice! Just how hard headed do you have to be to get bitten twice? Both bites are on the muzzle, about one inch above the nose leather. He’s quite swollen and the necrosis has set in, but he will be fine. He’s drinking and alert, and hopefully a bit wiser in the ways of things that slither.

Minnie kitty is home as well, after spending a week at the vets with what started out as pneumonia. She had a bad reaction to the antibiotics, wound up getting an ulcer and having her gut shut down completely. Everything is working right now, and she is home and talking to us. Obviously, no more oral antibiotics for her, which means chasing her down each day and giving her an injection. After nearly losing her, I am more than happy to give her a shot. She’s only got two more days of them, then, hopefully, this will all be behind us.

My checkbook is dying. Fatal hemorrhaging. And my vet is buying a new truck.

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  1. April :-) says:

    Oh Sherita, when it rains it pours. I’m so sorry to hear about Booker; you must have a lot of Rattlers out there, geesh! Bitten twice, poor guy, hopefully he will stay far away from them now on. Too bad you can’t teach them to bark at them until you can come out and shoot them.And Minnie too? Wow, Murphy is following you around theses days. That’s not much fun at all. Let’ just hope this is the end of massive vet bills and sick and injured pets.If your in good with your vet (and sounds like you are) maybe he will loan you his new truck when yours breaks down?I know all about the vet thing, I swear I have bought a x-ray machine and deserve a reserved parking space right up front with my name on it! LOL

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