Getting better

Miss Minnie kitty has announced to the world that she feels much better. She did this by finding one of her toy mice, and using it as a megaphone to amplify her voice as she strolled through the house. This REALLY freaks out the birds. And Booker wanted to eat her.

Booker is also on the road to recovery. His swelling is more generalized, but not as severe. He’s quite alert, eating and drinking. Thinks the birds might be snacks I have stored for him, and that the house cats just MIGHT be squeaky toys. Told him he might want to leave off that idea, since the house cats have sharp points, and he already has a sore face. Would not feel good.

Minnie got her last injection tonite, sure am glad that is over. That being said, she was much better for the shots than the nose drops. You would have thought I was drowning her.

Things are looking better.

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1 Response to Getting better

  1. April :-) says:

    Glad to hear things in your world are improving and everyone (with fur) is recovering well.

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