New arrival

A beautiful black and white spotted girl named Tori. She is from Gary Runyans litter, Mir x Cara. Probably the old mans last litter, as I am getting ready to remove his dangly bits. There were only two in the litter, a dog and a bitch. Tori is curvy and beautiful, and more than a little overwhelmed right now. But she will soon fit in and be raring to go. She got a chance to chase those pesky bags this weekend when I picked her up, and she knew just what to do. Spirit is just all incensed about this new dog on HER property, so her little fuzzy ass is sleeping in the van tonite because I do NOT want to hear it. She can get over her little red self tomorrow during the daylight hours. Pest.
Photos to come of Tori, as soon as I get them taken.

Hopefully tomorrow Spirit will decide that she is not going away, and Tori will decide that Jack is not going to eat her (Jack is very laid back, and non-confrontational). I think Spirit needs to move into one of the other holding areas with her Auntie Phoenix, who will teach her a few badly needed manners.

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2 Responses to New arrival

  1. Anonymous says:

    can’t wait for pictures of tori!!!! and Spirit too! CT

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