Oh no you DON’T!

I am currently battling the laptop for control. It seems that even though I had this abortion that is called Vista set to never download updates without my asking for them, it did anyway two days ago. And screwed EVERYTHING up. Which is why I didn’t want it downloading without my asking, because Microsuck has a history of screwing shit up. After two days of fighting with it, I finally managed to roll it back to three days ago using system restore. And everything was working again. Until tonite, when I caught the damned OS trying yet again to download and install updates. Updates that I specifically had refused to install after the last go around. At least this time I put a stop to the nonsense by dropping the router signal before it could get rolling on the “updates” again. Of course now vista is having a fit because it couldn’t download all of the updates. And thanks to ZoneAlarm, it won’t be. I figured out which program was being used to download the crap, and it is now denied internet access. I still have to go back in and change a bunch of my settings, since the dweebs at micro$oft decided they knew better than I what was needed on MY computer. But at least once I get it all sorted out it won’t be happening again.

So tell me, what good does it do to have a setting that clearly states “NO updates to be downloaded”, when the OS does what it damn well pleases anyway? At least with third party software I can deny access and keep control of my damned computer.

Of course I get the panic window about security updates that must be installed in order to protect my computer from malicious programs/viruses/etc. Frankly, I am beginning to think that Vista is the virus. And I don’t need their shitty security programs, I have installed much better ones……….ones that actually work without annoying the living shit out of me with popups every time I try to do something.

I hated this OS when I bought the laptop, and I still hate it. To those who said “you will get used to it”, well, you were wrong. It still sucks big rocks right up off the ground. And if I can find the drivers for my hardware, I will be upgrading to XP. And no, I don’t want Windows 7, from what I have seen it’s just Vista all over again, only more screwed up. The search has begun for drivers, hopefully they are all out there and I can dump Vista for an OS that actually works.

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3 Responses to Oh no you DON’T!

  1. just like a willfull, undisciplined child, isn’t it?

  2. Yeah, but at least with a kid you can give a swat on the butt. Vista makes me want to swat someone with a 2×4.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rose,I'm so sorry to hear that you're having so many issues with your Vista computer. I know how frustrating it can be when your OS doesn't do what you want it to do. While I can definately empahize with your hesitancy to change to a new OS, especially when you've been having so many issues with your current one, I did want to let you know that Windows 7 is definately a stable system. If you are interested learning more about an operating system that might work better for you, You should check out the Windows 7 forum, at microsoft.com/springboard. It provides support, "how to" video guides and the several other tips and tricks to make your Windows 7 experience awesome.ThanksGlenv-glferg@microsoft.com

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