There is one surefire way to be sure that Summer is here…………..the lawnmower breaks. Both of them. The big rider (54″ cut) has a spindle out on the deck, the little rider (46″ cut)………….also has a spindle out on the deck. Waiting for both to arrive by the ever trustworthy postal service. Which means they may never get here, sigh. Eventually they will show up and I will be able to mow again. I guess I will just have to satisfy myself with whacking up some weeds tomorrow. If it doesn’t rain, again.

The weather is just way weirder than usual this Spring. From overgrown storm cells to HUGE hail (not here, thank goodness), to unbelievable straight line winds. And five, yes FIVE tornados not far from here. Weirdness abounds with the weather this year. It’s always unsettled, but not like this.

Just over two weeks and counting before we leave for the coast. Already started getting ready. Of course the big air conditioner crapped on the van. Have a new one, just have to put it on there. There just are not enough hours in the day for me to get everything done.

Coming soon, pictures of my button quail. They are cute little devils.

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