Not this year…….

I have had several people ask me when I will be breeding my next litter. The answer is “not this year”. Probably not next year either. I have plans for this year that do not involve taking the time off to stay home with pups, and there are plenty of pups out there right now. It seems we have had a glut of Borzoi litters this year, and I have no wish to add to it. And, really, I see no reason to breed. I have several young dogs to work with, and three pups that will keep me plenty busy for the coming months. Next year there is a breeding planned for Cuda (MBIF FC Rose Hill Barracuda SC FCH, OFC ptd), one that I think will produce absolutely stellar performance and OFC dogs that will also do quite well in the ring. Can’t wait to see them.

I don’t plan on breeding any litters here in 2010 at all, but I have a couple of plans in the works for 2011. Much will depend on how things go between now and then, but if it all works out, I have a breeding planned for Bo (BIF FC Rosehill Bodacious v Zoiboyz SC FCH), and a last litter is in the works for Sara (Rosehill GL Serigraph SC FCH JOR). Also in late 11 or early 12 I will be breeding Hemi (DC Rose Hill GTX Super Stock SC). There are also a couple of cobred litters on the burners, so things will be hopping here again in a couple of years.

But that is all in the future. Right now I have Van Geaux, BeBe, Spirit, Jack, and Tori to keep me quite busy. Along with several others. And I won’t be out in the field much this fall, since I will be spending most of my free time and money in New Mexico, visiting with Mr. Jack. Hopefully I will make it to Wyoming as well. We will see.

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