The latest news on the DTV front is that a large number of folks are not only being required to buy converter boxes, but also new antennas. Seems that the old ones won’t pick up the “new and improved” signal. Might be new, but certainly not improved. It’s either there, or it’s not. The old analog signals might have been fuzzy, but were watchable. The gubment is going to sell the old bandwidth. I am sure some asshat somewhere in the past thought it would be an easy money grab, unfortunately the demand for converter box coupons has bitten them right squarely in the ass. Just another beaureacratic screw up.

Of course, you could just go buy a new television. Or get cable. Or just not watch television. I choose the third option, thankyouverymuch. Since there was nothing wrong with my television before some twit started screwing with the signal, and I have no wish to either buy another tv or buy a converter box………I just unplugged the damn thing and went on with my life. I have plenty to keep me busy. I am a bit tickled at the hysteria. Seems some people think their world will end if they don’t have an idiot box to stare at. Far as I am concerned, there’s not much worth watching on there anyway. They talk about the dumbing down of America. Take a look at the crap on prime time tv…………….it’s already happened. If I watch for more than a short period of time I can feel the IQ points fading away. It’s pathetic.

So we just eliminated the tv from our list of things to do. And you know what? We don’t really seem to miss it.

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