On the road again……….

Just trundling along. That’s about all you do when you are driving something with the aerodynamics of a brick, and pulling what amounts to a very large box on wheels. But, it’s all good. At least now. Last night, not so much. We drove right into the teeth of a really nasty storm between Brady and Mason. It finally got bad enough that I bailed into a roadside picnic area to wait it out. When the wind is blowing the rain sideways, it’s not fit to be towing.

We left home about 8 pm last night. Here is where my home is:

The first leg of our trip was from Santa Anna, to Boerne, Texas. We arrived in Boerne about one am and Wallydocked* until 6 the next morning. Got up, grabbed a cup of coffee, and hit the road again.

The second leg of our trip was from Boerne to Mustang Island State park, which is where we are now (photos to come). We pulled in around 11 am. We are now set up and soaking up some a/c. I think we will take a nap before we start the fish a thon tonite.

*Wallydocking – camping in the WalMart parking lot. Most Walmarts will allow folks to park overnight with their rv’s as long as we stay out of the way, which we do. It’s nice of them, makes it easier on those of us travelling, and they ALWAYS make money on us. We can never get out of that parking lot without spending at least some cash.

More updates and photos to come. For now it’s snooze time.

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