Rite of passage

Also known as “oops”. We rested during the heat of the day and then decided to go check out the fishing. Bad idea, since the spot we wanted to take a look at was Packery Channel. Treacherous during the daylight hours due to loose sand, and, well, you can see where this is headed.

We struck out towards the jetties, and actually made it about 100 feet before the van sank like a rock. And I mean it SANK. The kid freaked, he was pretty sure we would need a wrecker to get out. Nope. Well, what are we going to do then, dig? Nope. Just sit here for a minute, you will see. And sure enough, in about 2 minutes along came a drunk kid in a four wheel drive. “You folks stuck?”. Pretty much. Well hey, I can pull you out. Good enough, I will buy you a six pack if you can. COOL! And pull us out he did.

Everyone was amazed that I managed to get the white whale that far out in the loose sand before getting stuck. Well, sometimes I am an exceptional idiot and can manage things you wouldn’t think possible. This would be one of those times, LOL.

Hey, it’s all good. You can’t go to the coast without getting stuck at least once. We have that out of the way now. I was laughing about it, the kid didnt’ see the humor.

Could have been worse…….someone else was stuck right down to the waters edge. And the tide was coming in. At least our shit wasnt’ about to sink completely out of sight. Tomorrow we start fishing in earnest. Not that the fish should be too worried.

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