We went fishing last night. Turns out it was the night of the weird shit, LOL. Started out catching croaker and a few hardheads. Nothing weird there, right? Well, it went down hill from there. First up, I caught an eel……slimy muscles with big teeth. We just about didn’t get rid of that, but FINALLY got it off the hook. That was just NASTY.

The next thing was much, much worse. An oyster toadfish. Basically, a bunch of ugly with spines. So what do I catch on the next cast? Another one. Great. I wanted to just cut the line, but we got the ugly bastard off. Finally.

We dragged in about one this ayem and decided to take today off and just rest and cruise around on the beach. We need to sort out the tackle box out as well, and go catch some bait. And hopefully NOT catch anymore toadfish.

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