Moving day

We will be packing up shortly for our move over to Goose Island State Park. The way the wind is blowing, it should be an exciting trip across Redfish Bay on the causeway. Ahem. Somehow I don’t think I will be making any friends as we crawl across there catching the wind broadside. Oh well, it’s not that far and whomever gets stuck behind me will just have to deal until I get across.

I need a bumper sticker for the trailer that says “This is as fast as it goes”. Tailgaters just annoy the crap out of me. I had one last night when we were coming back from fishing. I was getting swatted around all over the place with the wind hitting the big white box broadside, and this ninny thought if he could suck right up behind me that somehow that would make me go faster. Amazingly enough, it had the opposite effect. It always does. If someone is in that big of a hurry, they should have left earlier.

Of course most of the folks who tailgate have never driven anything bigger than their itty bitty “urban assault vehicle” (pretend four wheel drive), or pseudo sports car, and cannot comprehend something that is over 50 feet long, 10 feet high, and weighing in at well over 13,000 pounds fully loaded. Sometimes I wish I could just grab them and stick them in the drivers seat for a little while, while I run up their ass in a little car. I can guarantee you that the pucker factor in a cross wind would make them rethink the whole tailgating issue.

But, there will always be tailgaters, and most likely they will be stuck behind me. I just refuse to look in my side mirrors, therefore they do not exist in my world. That just irritates the shit out of them. Of course, you would think that they would realize that right there on the bumper of the trailer is a 25 pound propane tanks (aka, the bomb). Hit that, and they will REALLY be having a bad day. Somehow, it just doesn’t seem to be worth the risk to me.

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