Fun Fun Fun

We finally hung into the speckled trout last night. We wound up with 7 really nice fish on the stringer, and would have kept going but just flat ran out of bait. And we quit counting how many non-legal fish we caught, they were just EVERYWHERE. Now that we have our technique figured out, you can bet your butt we will be back out there tonite catching more fun šŸ™‚

Today is laundry day, otherwise we will be nekkid on the beach tomorrow. Somehow I just don’t think the local park ranger would be too amused with that. S’ok, we need to go into town and replenish supplies anyways. Out of bread and milk, need butter (to go with the fishies!). We will rest today and get ready for tonite.

And I think we FINALLY have the last bug worked out of the big van. It started overheating on us when we moved from the other state park. Diagnosis: bad radiator cap. New cap and viola! Cool as a cucumber. Glad that is sorted out now.

Off to Walmart, then the laundrymat. Photos to come of the fishies and our lovely secluded campsite.

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2 Responses to Fun Fun Fun

  1. Anonymous says:

    COOL!!!! love pictures! yummy trout too! CT

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sherita, I am so jealous, you sound like you both are having a swell time!!Julie

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