A quick update……..

Still here, and still having fun 🙂

Photos were promised, and here they are. We are currently in beautiful Goose Island State Park in Rockport, Texas. Our campsite is quiet and secluded, as you can see:

I just love this state park. It’s clean and well maintained, without being a typical “parking lot”. So many places are more concerned with how many trailers and rv’s they can cram in, with no concern for comfort. Goose Island is overflowing with wildlife (don’t leave coolers outside, the coons just LOVE to help themselves). Just this morning I saw a doe with twin fawns nursing. Itty bitty fawns, still with spots. Every evening we see the coastal rabbits out and about, coons are everywhere, and each morning I sit outside and drink my coffee while being serenaded by Cardinals. What more could you ask for?

Here is our catch from night before last. Seven very nice speckled trout. Oh, they tasted pretty damn good too, LOL. All caught off of the privated lighted pier located right here in the park.

The son with our catch.

Our fishing last night was disrupted by two things. First, a pod of dolphins showed up. You might as well quit when those hoodlums appear, they will strip your stringer and IF you catch a fish, you will never land it before they rip it off your hook.

The second problem was two legged. Now, when you check in to any state park in Texas, it is made very clear that there will be NO public consumption of alcohol. NONE. Last night we had the typical loud staggering drunk on the pier. Screaming at his three boys, slinging hooks around with abandon. Just flat acting like a fool. Of course, no Game Warden was in sight. We finally just gave up and went back to the campsite.

When I headed out to get smokes this morning, I stopped at the ranger station and had a chat with the Game Warden. Turns out there had been several complaints on drunk asshole. There were two Wardens at the station and they were waiting on a local police officer. Seems that drunk asshole will be escorted out of the park this morning………sans tackle. Along with being drunk, he got caught with undersized fish. The Wardens frown on this. Someone just got their vacation ruined. I have never understood the attraction of getting out in public and making an ass out of yourself. Loud, obnoxious, staggering drunk. Buh-bye, go away. If you can’t follow the rules, you don’t get to play.

And you never, EVER, keep undersize or oversize fish. At least not if you like your tackle. And they just might take your vehicle too. Simply not worth the risk. Of course, booze affects judgement, so I would imagine that is why it seemed like keeping the little fish was a good idea. Bet he rethinks that. He will also find that he can no longer get into ANY state run park. Blacklisted because he just HAD to get drunk. Stupid.

At least we will not have to deal with him tonite, and we will be back out there catching fish again.

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2 Responses to A quick update……..

  1. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME campsite!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Great picture of the proud fisherman!

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