Back Home

We got back yesterday. A great time was had, fish were caught. And it will take me days to clean up the van and trailer. Wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Here are a few more pictures for your enjoyment.

This is my “big fish” for the trip. Caught two days before we left, a 21″ Sheepshead. A real bear to clean, but supposed to be really good eating. We will soon find out.

The Big Tree. The largest and oldest Live Oak in the U.S., quite possibly in the world. You really cannot grasp just how big this old monster is. May it live for many more years.

This fellow visited us at our site. A Rat Snake, about four feet long. He was a bit upset at our efforts to remove his scaly self from under my van, hence the nasty pose. He didn’t like it, but he did get moved.

This is the 1800′ lighted pier that is located at Goose Island State Park. We fished here almost every day, and we caught something every time we fished. That “hump” in the picture is where the big spotlights are, and you can catch Speckled Trout there every night. Sometimes you catch other things too……flounder, stingray, Gafftop. We caught all of them. Really DID NOT want the stingray. Unfriendly fellow.

And the sun sets on another wonderful coast trip. This spectacular view is from the park road, headed back to our campsite to break it down and head out. I could look at this all day long.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    COOL Sherita! neat pictures & sounds like a great trip! ColleenT

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