Brush, brush……Clip, clip

Today was grooming day for the outside dogs. 16 dogs, 18 toenails per dog (my dogs still have their thumbs) = WAY too many toenails. I am always amazed at people who say they can’t clip their dogs nails. Out of 16 dogs would you like to guess how many gave me trouble? None, zero. It’s one of those “will be done” things, and not negotiable. I don’t beg, coddle, wheedle or any other nonsense. I put them on the table, and that’s that.

I also brushed everyone out. That can be quite a chore, since several of my adult males are part pig and part billy goat. I have a couple that I can groom, turn them back out, and within a half hour, they look like they have never seen a brush in their lives. It simply amazes me. And then I have a couple of girls who look perfectly coiffed all the time. Never a snarl or mat, and heaven forbid they have mud on them. Tori decided that the whole hair do thing was just too much, so it was fidget city on the table. She’s just a baby, so I tolerate it. Her sire thinks his tongue belongs on my eyeballs or in my ears, so I have to be a moving target while brushing him.

I have two friends coming to visit tomorrow, so the house dogs will have to wait for their grooming session until Monday evening when I get in from work. I have GOT to get Sara blown out, she is doing her post heat coat explosion, and it’s just unbelievable the amount of hair. I keep waiting for her to unravel. And it’s time for Mir to get his clip again, he doesn’t care for the grooming, and since he is retired, I just shear him down twice a year.

I took a hard look at some of the younger dogs today. BeBe has blossomed, seemingly overnight. She’s just……….WOW. Her brother Van Geaux is turning into quite the knock out himself. Tori is just starting into the uglies, Spirit and Jack are right in the middle of them. I just want to put a paper bag over all three and not look for a while. Selene is maturing into a lovely (albeit LARGE) girl. Hopefully we can get some pictures tomorrow.

Time to feed, then off to the showers and bed. Nite.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'd LOVE to see pictures!!!CT

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