What to do

Please take note of the time of this post, Yes, that is 2:00 AM. So, what to do when insomnia is your friend (or would that be fiend)? Well, roadwork dogs. After all, the sun is down, the roads are cooled off, and there’s a nice breeze blowing from the south. Tonite it was Cuda and BeBe. BeBe is just starting, so she only went for a little over a mile. She picked it up pretty quick, once I convinced her that in front of the van was not where I wanted her. After the first 1/4 mile she finally stopped with her spin cycle excitement (and she does spin, like a maniac), and settled in to work. She wanted to keep going when I decided to stop, but her feet aren’t toughened to the gravel roads yet, so back in the van she went.

Cuda tried his damndest to drag the van for the first half mile, then it got REALLY exciting. You want to add a little activity to your night roadwork? Just have a deer jump out in the road and run right down the middle while you try your hardest to hang onto a hairy cruise missle. That 8′ bungee lead will stretch to at least 14′, and once he couldn’t go forward, Cuda decided to go UP. It was rodeo time, but I held on for my eight seconds. He worked for 2 1/2 miles tonite, and was still raring to go, but I finally started to peter out.

Nothing is quite as relaxing………..out on a dark country road, nothing for miles, and the only sound besides the burble of the engine is the soft padding of hound feet and the jingle of the collar. A million stars, a gentle south breeze. And I was in the company that I prefer most. What more could you ask for?

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