Some not so random pictures for today. Remember that Datura bush from a few posts back? The one that I said was putting on a show? Well, here it is………..

A closer view of the flowers. They bloom at night and into early morning, the other name for Datura is Moonflower. The flowers are the size of saucers. And yes, I know this plant is deadly poison. It is located where none of my animals can get near it.

And now for something completely different. I have had two button quail hens sitting in the outdoor flight. I had no idea if they would hatch anything, or if they were just practicing. I got my answer yesterday. Tell me those aren’t the cutest things you have ever seen in your life.

The chicks are about the size of the end of my thumb, or a little smaller. Little yellow fuzzies running around.

Remember Fred, my Princess of Wales male who broke his neck last week? Well, his mate has stayed with her eggs, and now they are turning into birds! Take a look:

Those other two eggs are fertile too. The should hatch tomorrow and the day after. I will probably have to help her feed them once they get a bit bigger, but right now she is taking excellent care of her chicks. Since Fred is gone, these chicks are very special to me.

I should soon have the photos taken of the dogs this past weekend, just be patient. I am anxious to see them too.

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1 Response to This-n-That

  1. Anonymous says:

    NEAT pictures! those little guys are very cute. I know I have been pesty about dog pictures & am real excited to see them! can you take some of Hemi for us too? CT

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