The first three letters…..

in diet are “die”. And that’s what a couple of my dogs think about it. I currently have three fatties on diets, two are in my current running string, one is retired and quite sausage shaped. Phoenix digs the carrots and green beans, both Bo and Hemi are pretty sure that the carrots are little orange nuggets of poison, and that green beans are not edible at all. They will get over it.

I am also on mommy duty. My Princess of Wales has four chicks, the last one hatched later than the other three, so it’s not getting its’ fair share of food. So every two hours I am handfeeding what looks for all in the world like a little white fuzzy buzzard. Ugly doesn’t really describe it. But he (she?) is getting stronger, I got a feeding response tonite……..the whole begging neck pumping routine. This is good, it shows me that baby is building strength. I am just going to be a whole lotta busy for the next week or so with this baby. By then it should be big enough to beg from the hen.

And I still have little button quail chicks hatching. I took the leftover eggs from the nest after the other chicks hatched out in the flight, and I put them in the hatcher. I’ll be damned, I have one little fuzzy hatching out every day. I had to bring the others into the brooder as well, they were having a hard time finding food to eat. These guys are so small that I have to grind starter into a powder for them. They found a small moth in the brooder today, I just laughed till I cried watching them. Imagine a whole little herd of yellow bumblebees chasing this moth around. Absolutely a scream.

I will post pics of all the babies soon.

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