Not much going on right now.

Just keeping things under control. Since the son moved out, I have spent a good bit of time cleaning and rearranging the house, as well as cleaning up the messes he left here. I would never have thought one person could drag up so much stuff, and it’s just junk. It’s all being hauled to the local dump. I will be a much happier person once I have it done, but I have at least two loads to go.

On the doggie front, the only thing going on is roadwork and dieting. I am roadworking dogs that I don’t plan on hunting, because I do plan on taking them to the NLCC. And my hunting dogs, well, I want them in top form before the season starts. We are starting out slow, but a couple of my main dogs are already working nearly three miles. I have to stop them before they are ready, because we are not cool enough to go the distance they want. Van Geaux is showing a real drive for the work, and his prey drive is plenty keen. He should be a real blast in the field. At this rate I will have dogs to run both in breed and open mixed. Just how cool is that?

And the birds……whew. I have four Princess of Wales chicks, the hen is raising them on her own since her mate died. The Scarlet Chested Parakeets are getting ready to lay again. I have society finches coming out of my ears. And as of right now I have three chicks that are Silver x Blue, three more nests sitting, and two more nests laying.

And the button quail chick total is 9. And the hens are laying again.

So, while there may not be much going on………….there is a LOT going on.

And I am beat. I can’t roadwork until it cools off at night, so I have been way late getting in bed. I am sure looking forward to cooler weather.

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1 Response to Not much going on right now.

  1. Anonymous says:

    COOL!!!! can't wait to hear how Van Gauex doessame here, doesn't seem like much going on, but there really is alot going on! CT

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