Gee, Thanks

Someone has dumped yet another load of cats out here. These are meaner than snakes and wilder than March hares. I am going to try to trap them starting tomorrow, so I can haul them over to the pound. One may not survive that long, since it is insistent on going in the back yard. The back yard is where Hairy Death lives. Several of them have access. This cat better get smart real quick, or he won’t last long enough for me to trap. He’s been in the back yard of my neighbor to the southwest, his dog has already chomped this cat, so I guess he decided to try his luck here. Bad career choice.

I wish people would stop thinking that I need more cats. I have three cats, that’s enough. Two inside, one outside that knows the back yard is OFF LIMITS, she learned her lesson the hard way and has a long memory. It’s a shame I can’t trap the people that are dumping these cats and take them to the shelter.

Of course the other folks that amaze me are the ones that start whining……..”why can’t YOU keep them and feed them”. The answer is simple. Feral cats breed like rats. I am not going to start paying for my own trap and release program. If someone out there thinks that I am evil for taking them to the pound, then come get them. Bring traps and heavy gloves. And be sure your shots are up to date. Otherwise, they are out of here. One way or another.

There’s also a stray dog hanging about, but I most likely won’t have to deal with it since I think it was seen hazing my neighbors high dollar sheep.

I guess folks who dump animals don’t think about what happens to them. Their choices are very limited. It’s not likely that anyone will take them in, particularly in a rural area where people are not all warm and fuzzy about stray animals. Most likely they will either be hit by a car, killed by coyotes, starve to death, be killed by ranchers protecting their livestock, or trapped and sent to the pound to be euthanized. They spread disease and fleas, and occasionally they carry rabies. Their life is short and brutal, it would be far better if the owners would take them straight to the pound, where a painless death awaits.

Instead they dump them in the country, and leave the rest of us to clean up their messes.

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5 Responses to Gee, Thanks

  1. Anonymous says:

    People are stupid.A VERY memorable Thanksgiving Dinner ended with me yelling at my uncle on this exact theme. My cousin's wife had died, the dog (a 100lb Doberman) was "hers". My cousin was broke from the medical bills and had to sell the house and move into an apartment. Renting an apartment in Phoenix with a Doberman is not impossible, but neither is it cheap. My uncle's suggestion was to dump the dog out on a dirt road where a rancher could "take care of him". Yeah idiot, with a bullet. The lack of compassion and common sense was horrifying. Oh well, never liked that uncle anyway. Good luck with the feral cats. I worked with a TNR program for a few years also, they are tough.Karla

  2. Yes, people ARE stupid. I won't do TNR here. I have my own animals to care for, and even with TNR, there are always expenses for the feral colony.Not to mention I just flat don't want them around. They stir up the dogs, stalk and aggravate my birds in the outside flights, crap under my carport and just make a general nuisance of themselves.People dump animals don't seem to realize that a large number of them will be shot. They prefer the fantasy that some person will take them in and love them and squeeze them and call them George. Just don't happen, at least not out here.I am one of the few out here that will make the effort to trap them and haul them to the pound. Most country folk just find it easier to get the .22 out. And THAT is the hard truth.

  3. Leonore says:

    amen on the rant and the point about the .22 the myth that some nice person out in the country wants some cidiot's housepet is very frustrating. we've got our own beasts and bills and don't want somebody else's. return to the breeder, take to the shelter, or have your vet PTS. do *not* dump your pets on my dirt road, they won't come live with me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh, I definitely wasn't suggesting that YOU should be doing TNR! The program I worked with was in a large metro area with plenty of financial and volunteer support. We also did a few very preliminary studies on if the cats really had any influence on rodent populations. Sort of interesting, but not the point right now. I just meant "good luck" as in don't get yourself injured by one of the little devils. I love cats, but honestly think that in most rural areas all cats should be either inside only or killed, just because of the damage to the native songbird population. Karla

  5. I am not going to get hurt dealing with them. I will either be able to trap them, or the .22 will come out.I do have an outside cat, she has been spayed and lives under my house. She has been a real asset to rodent control, but she will never contribute to the cat population. Unfortunately I have a CrazyCatLady™ who lives up the road from me. CCL™ ensures that there will always be plenty of cats in the area.I have nothing against cats, but I do have something against feral cats. And I will not hesitate to shoot if I cannot get them in the trap. I hate to do it, but if I allow ferals to get started here, I would soon be over-run with them. And since I raise birds, that is just NOT an option.And Leo, you are absolutely correct about not dumping animals on my road. They will not find a home here.

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