I guess that fall is here. Finally, sorta. It won’t last, but it’s sure pretty weather for now. Mid-50’s this morning, and the dogs are full of themselves. Time to close the outside aviary in and set up the heat lamps for the Bengalese. The dogs don’t care about such things, it’s just bark bark bark and run the fencelines. If this weather will hold, I can get serious about roadwork.

On a different track, I will be working on my website tonite since everything now seems to be up to snuff with the new hosting. More information to come, but I have two adult males available. One is an accomplished coursing hound, available to a coursing or companion home, he can be neutered. The other is a finished champion, available to a specials home on a co-ownership only, with retained breeding rights. He would make a fantastic special for someone who likes to show, the boy loves it, I don’t, so there you are. My email can be found in the sidebar for anyone who is interested.

I will also soon be posting updated breeding plans. Yeah, I know, I said I wouldn’t, but now I am. The sire is an AKC FCH that is pointed in the open field, the dam is dual field titled and a best in field winner. Should be a lovely litter with a lot of promise. Stay tuned.

And the Cuda x Mariah litter is planned for this Spring. I don’t know if anything will be available from that litter. I kinda doubt it. I suspect that anything that is available will require a coursing/ofc home, I know that will be the requirement for anything that I have available. Carol may have different plans for hers. These pups should be absolutely awesome on the field, as well as beautiful. I wish she would hurry up and come in season.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    COOL sherita!btw, your email has bounced back several times since we last spoke-CT

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