Oh really?

Can we please remember that the Borzoi was developed as a hunting hound? PLEASE? If you aren’t sure, please read the historical accounts of the old Russian kennels.

Someone said to me “I think more of my dog than to allow it to hunt”. Izzatso? You think so much of your dog that you would deny it the right to prove itself? You, my friend, are what is wrong with this breed then.

I think enough of the BREED to ensure that my dogs are tested and capable of performing the job for which the breed was developed. I realize it is a difficult concept to grasp for some folks, but these dogs are not oversized lap pets. They are a hunting hound, have been since the very beginning. And at least a few of us are ensuring that they remain hunting hounds.

So don’t tell me that you “think more of your dog” and imply that somehow I think less. Because I can assure you, I think plenty of my dogs. They are first and foremost in my mind. So is the preservation of the breed.

If you don’t want to hunt, then don’t. But do NOT denigrate me or my dogs because I choose to prove them in the field. If you do, then don’t be surprised when I tell you to stick it up your ass. I’m just funny that way.

Yes, I am aware that there could be injuries. That’s just life. If I was worried about that, then I would never let them go outside, since my yard has been the site of the absolute worst injuries I have ever had.

Some day, somewhere down the road, this breed is going to devolve into a shadow of their former selves, as people breed more and more for the show ring, and less for actual athletic ability. We are going to wind up with a split breed, like so many other working or hunting dogs. And to me that is the saddest thing of all. I am sure the show only people love their dogs, of that I have no doubt. But not testing for ability will eventually be the downfall of the breed.

It’s already happening.

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3 Responses to Oh really?

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are absolutely right about the injuries at home – I have had many more at home than from participating in performance events – and besides, I would venture to say that most injuries come from not conditioning your dogs properly. How many people take their dogs straight from the couch to the field and expect them to run like an athlete….

  2. Sandra Moore says:

    I have had fatal injuries in my yard, dogs run into fences break necks. You can't let life scare you out of living which is what I think some folks do when protecting their "furkids". Another term that makes me puke.

  3. Yep… I know about those backyard injuries. I also know about breed splits. All ya gotta do is look at greyhounds.I call those who don't let their dogs be dogs, "pseudo dog" people. After all, it's a dog, not a child.

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