I wish I could make them understand…….

Some of my dogs just do not get it. I wish…..

Mir would learn that I have the sheet over my bed for a reason, it’s to keep his dirty paws off my pillow. It’s not appreciated when he pulls it down and stomps on the bed. I don’t like changing my bed daily.

Sara would learn that the term “throw rug” is not what she thinks. They are NOT toys for her amusement, and I am tired of rescuing them from the hall. Leave them be, they are there so that Mir does not slip on the hardwood floor.

Flagg would learn to shut up. I don’t need his opinion on everything going on. I am glad he is excited, but his participation is not mandatory.

Hemi would learn that he is not Casanova. Nor is he Pavarotti. Just because there is a girl in season does not mean I want to hear him “sing”. He should not quit his day job.

CJ would learn that walking back and forth in front of me will not make me put the food out any faster. As a matter of fact, it slows the whole process down.

Cuda would learn that the birds in the outside flights are not there for his amusement. Leave the birds ALONE.

Van Geaux would figure out that he cannot fly. We see an owl every night that we roadwork, and every night he thinks he can get it. That might not work out in his benefit, they have pointy bits at both ends.

Phoenix would accept that green beans are now a permanent part of her diet. She isn’t “chubby”, she’s fat. I swear she sucks calories right out of the air.

And I really wish that Hemi would quit trying to race the van on roadwork nights. I am truly not comfortable driving 25 miles an hour down a dirt road with 120 pounds of dog trying to get there first. You can’t go any faster than I am going, slow down.

And can someone tell me why housecats think that if something is on the counter, I really wanted it on the floor? I am going to resort to superglue soon. And get off the top of the fridge. I don’t like being swatted on the head when I want a drink in the middle of the night.

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3 Responses to I wish I could make them understand…….

  1. Anonymous says:

    flying must be in that gene pool! VanGaux brother, Baron has leaped & taken birds right out of the air! amazing to see, CT

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish Zara would learn that she should come in the house from under the deck when I say "Z, come in, time for work". I shouldn't have to say "Z, come in, cheese". But the later always works, and what's so bad about splitting a little protein in the morning?Sue McG

  3. Anonymous says:

    I bet my Hannah is fatter than Phoenix. Poor thing just can't shed it…./julie

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