And so it continues. It would appear that yet again someone has dumped cats on me. This time it’s two. One had the misfortune to wander into the number two paddock. The one that has Cuda and Van Geaux in it. I found what was left.

The other wandered into the number one paddock. That one has the nine month old, and two yearlings in it. They raised a hell of a ruckus, and I found the cat on top of their shelter. I had to use my dip net to get it, and it got away. I sure as hell hope it learned something.

I am really getting sick of this whole ordeal. I do not enjoy picking up animal parts from my paddocks just because someone is too damn lazy to take their unwanted cats to the pound.

This kind of stuff makes me want to do evil upon the person who dumped them. I do not blame my dogs, they are doing what comes naturally to them, which is to chase small things that move fast. Of course, I don’t necessarily trust them with larger things that run fast either, but those don’t get dumped on my property, they show up all by themselves.

I had to have a chat with my neighbors to the south a couple of days ago. Seems they couldn’t keep their dog in, and it was coming over and fence fighting with my dogs. I simply explained that my dogs are coyote killers, and territorial. If they get ahold of the dog, it’s most likely going to be dead. They listened. Bird doggie has a new found respect for hot wires, and now stays in his own yard. I heard the first contact all the way over here. Must be a stupid dog, because I heard it try four times.

I breed heavily for prey drive and hunting instinct. I also USE those traits in the field. Because I have high prey drive dogs that I know for a fact will hunt, I make damn sure my fences are very secure on all of my paddocks. I can’t do anything about animals that wander onto my property, but I will most certainly make sure that my dogs don’t wander off. The end result of something like that could be fatal, because regardless of some spewage wandering around the web, a true Borzoi will not lie down with the lamb, but will hunt it and eat it.

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2 Responses to Sigh…..

  1. what ever happened with the idiot hunters?

  2. I captured them the following weekend. They claimed it wasn't them, but there are no other hunters anywhere around here. I have the law involved, so we are just going to see where it goes.

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