And fun will be had…….

I head out Friday morning at a way too early hour, to do battle with the demons of traffic on my way to the airport. I am headed up to judge in Connecticut for the weekend. Colleen is picking me up in Boston (yes, I KNOW that Boston is not in CT, trust me, this works). She also has the unenviable task of returning me to the home of the flying silver beer cans on Monday for my trip back.

The weekend should be great fun. I will get to see baby Dillon (from the second Kazan x Sara litter), owned by Charles. And Colleen is bringing Baron along, so I will get to see him run as well. Pictures will be taken and shared. Of course I am also going to enjoy seeing some new dogs, and new dog people. I expect it will be great fun.

And maybe the fall foliage season will be starting, so I can get some good pictures there too. I have driven up and down the eastern seaboard when going to or from somewhere, but never really stopped to take a look. Here’s my chance.

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1 Response to And fun will be had…….

  1. Anonymous says:

    YIPEE! I can hardly wait for you to see Baron & watch him run! CT

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