Lost and found

Last year out in NM I lost my Zippo lighter. My PURPLE Zippo lighter. Now, purple is my absolute favorite color in the world, so this was a serious loss to me. Not to mention that I positively hate using disposable lighters, since they are the exact opposite of lighters…….they don’t. Child proof my ass. Kids can work them just fine, adults rip the hide off of their thumbs trying to use them. Kinda like child proof medicine bottles, I used to get my kid to open them……else I resorted to a pair of pliers.

Anyhoo…..I was packing this evening for my impending travel upon the airways, and what did I find in the bottom of my laptop case??? My Zippo. It’s been hiding in there for nearly a year. I looked in there several times when I was hunting it, and each time it camoflaged itself’ as something else.

So yay for me. I have it back.

And before you start lecturing me on smoking, just don’t. What I am doing is perfectly legal, and I am careful about where I smoke so I don’t bother others. Right now smokers are the scapegoat, cause you know we have way more health problems. Except studies show we are not the group putting the greatest burden on the healthcare system that has ever been seen. so, leave me be.

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