Razor’s edge

You have seen me post about my two newest field dogs, Van Geaux and his sister BeBe. Their sire is Flagg, my ADD dog. If he were a human he would be on medication. Geared and quite busy, he’s always game for whatever you are doing, even if you don’t want him involved. Sometimes he just cannot help himself, and just stands and vibrates in one spot until something comes along to grab his interest. Their dam is Phoenix, she’s the exact opposite of Flagg. Soft and quiet, obedient and gentle.

BeBe has taken after her sire on the busy part, Van Geaux is more quiet. Neither are obedient, and both are HIGHLY predatory. They fall into the category of lethal, along with Cuda and Hemi. BeBe has upped the ante by also inheriting her grand-dams (Scarlett) intelligence. Scarlett was quite possibly the smartest dog I ever met. No gate latch could hold her, she could open the fridge, the drawers and cabinet doors, and she taught herself how to work doorknobs. Wire crate doors were a breeze for her to open, she required a vari-kennel if you wanted to contain her. And she was also lethal. BeBe has the crate door thing figured out, so keeping her in an expen is an impossibility. She has to be crated in a vari when we travel, unless I just feel like chasing her down.

Van Geaux and BeBe will both hunt in the open field this fall. That’s what I bred them for. That’s what this breed is all about……… hunting. That all being said, I don’t think I want to take the prey drive to much more of an extreme. Just might be too much of a good thing.

While they are just a lethal as Cuda and Hemi, it’s a different kind. Hard to describe, but easily recognized. Cuda and Hemi will both chase, catch, and kill. Both are keen. But both will relax when the hunt is over. BeBe and Van Geaux also chase, catch and kill. But there is a razor edge to them, you can see it in their behavior, their eyes, their demeanor. It’s just……different. They never relax, always on alert for something that might need to be chased. ALWAYS.

I sure can’t complain, they are exactly as I wanted. I can’t wait to take them out this fall. Thankfully they are the most predatory of the litter, the others are also prey driven, but not like this. These are two dogs that will have to live their lives out with me. Having pushed the prey drive this far, it would be irresponsible for me to place them with anyone other than an open field home. I see no reason to set a dog up for failure, and placing either in untrained hands would surely result in disaster.

Borzoi were developed to hunt. And hunt we will. And show we will not. I have finally decided that I am taking a hiatus from the ring for at least another year. The reason is simple. I am totally disillusioned with the ring, and with what is routinely winning. Dogs with serious structural faults, that couldn’t hold up to a day in the field, or even a day on the lure coursing field. Since I can’t stomach it, I am taking time out from the ring. Maybe forever. Because I wish to hunt, my dogs were bred to hunt, their ancestry hunted, and I want them to prove their ancestry.

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