Land of the Lost

That would be theme for the weekend. It started with a bit of brisk exercise in D/FW airport, when I could not seem to corral my plane. I started at gate C31, only to be informed that my plane had been moved to gate A19, which is at the other end of a very large airport. I found A19, and waited to board, only to hear the dreaded announcement……”ladies and gentlemen, due to air traffic, our departure time has been delayed until 1:00 pm”. Wait, WHAT?? Minor panic mode, since I had a connection to make in New York, and I would surely miss it. I told the nice lady at the desk that I had a real issue, and I had to be in Boston tonite. Hell, get me to Hartford or Providence, I would manage from there. She punched a few magic buttons, and out came the sweetest words. There was one seat left on a direct from Dallas to Boston, did I want it? Oh hell yes, gimme. As she handed me the pass, she informed me that the flight was boarding now, at gate C4. Crap. Off I went again on the SkyLink. Back to where I came from the first time. As I trotted up to the gate, they were boarding group 3, I was group 4, so I made it.

So, first I lost a plane, twice. Then I landed in Boston, and lost my bus that was taking me to meet Colleen. Technically I didn’t lose it, it got away. So I had to wait for the next one. And I captured it and met up with Colleen. After some quick hellos, off to the hotel we went. Or we planned to. We, um, got a bit “misplaced” hunting for the hotel, but finally stumbled on it. By this time we were in stitches from laughing at the whole day full of mishaps. After getting checked in it was decided that the three of us (we met up with Charles at the hotel) would go get a bite to eat, only to discover that the restaurant wasn’t quite where we thought it was, but we did find it and had a wonderful dinner. So now I have lost a plane twice, a bus once, had a mislocated hotel and played hide and go seek with dinner.

Then this morning I got in the truck with Charles, he was nice enough to offer to haul me back and forth from the hotel to the field. You wanna guess what happened next? Yep, we got a little misguided. Of course, this resulted in gales of laughter from all three of us, since lost seemed to be the theme for the whole weekend, at least so far.

Haven’t gotten misplaced since then, but while following some other club members to dinner tonite (a rather twisted route) Colleen looked at me and said “where are we going?”. Uh, I’m from Texas, I have NO idea where we are going, YOU live here. At this point, I am not sure what state I am in. Which set us both off again.

Might as well laugh about it, since it IS pretty damn funny.

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