Baby Dillon runs!

I wanted to get some stacked shots too, but the weather turned horrid on us. I think Tom got some pics, maybe he will share them 🙂

Dillon (Kazan x Sara, Spirits/D litter) got his first JC leg on Saturday. That boy loves his chase. he dragged Charles to the line and took off like a bat out of hell. I know the pictures aren’t the best, but all I have is a small digital camera, so I just did what I could.

Look at that boy go.

Dillon kills the bags at the end of the course. Charles had to pull him off. I suspect that Dillon is going to be a real superstar on the field when the time comes.

He will not begin running in earnest for a while. He is still very much a baby in body, even though he has his head in the game. He has grown to be quite a handsome fellow, and once he matures he is going to be a real showstopper. He really resembles his dam Sara, all curves and exotic and beautiful, but in a masculine way. He may be a baby now, but you better watch out once he starts running. I know that Charles and Gretchen are going to have a blast with him.

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1 Response to Baby Dillon runs!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw puppy Dillon get his 2nd leg for his JC yesterday – beautiful run! congrats to his owners/breeders! CT

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