How to make a big mess

Start with what should be a simple main line sewer stoppage. Discover that it’s not so simple. Add two city crews and TXDOT. What you wind up with is one massive mess.

This is what started it all. A blocked main that I could not clear no matter what I did. I did manage to hang up my cable in the line, which resulted in digging down to free it. What you can’t tell from that picture is just how deep that trench is. The terminal end (near the backhoe) is nearly six feet deep. My fat self is about to the point that climbing trenches has become a thing of the past.

So, we dug to the line to free the cable, only to discover that said line was collapsed (which is why I hung up my cable). The line needed replacing, hence the trench. Oh, by the way, that’s not *mud* in that trench, it’s what came out of that four inch line when we breached it. NOT MUD. Just nasty.

Before installing the new line, I called the city crew to come out and jet out to the main, to make sure the rest of the line was open. Well, guess what. Their line was blocked as well. We tried jetting, snaking, augering, and waterbagging. Nope, nothing was going down, but my trench was filling up with backwash, and it still was not mud. Blargh.

After hammering on it for several hours, the consensus was we had to dig. What you can’t see in front of the backhoe is the hole that was dug in the middle of the street………which happens to be a state highway. That’s why TXDOT was involved. They weren’t happy that we were digging up the road, my customer wasn’t happy because his sewer wasn’t working, and the city crew wasn’t happy because TXDOT was fussing at them. You wanna take one guess who was getting the heat from all of them? Me, because I was the site foreman, I initiated the work, which meant I got to the be one bitched at. I also was the one who had to get in the trench filled with non-mud.

Anyways, the problem on the city side was found and fixed. The repairs on my side were finished, and the whole damn mess was covered up, finally. I was also covered up, in not mud, above my knees, and everywhere else. The trench was not quite as wide as my shoulders, so I was pretty much covered from the shoulders down. Made me want to take a bath in bleach.

I sure wish I could get calls for something besides plumbing. But guess what I am doing tomorrow………

Yep. A really tight penetration under a house with a water leak that has been running for nearly a month. Doesn’t that sound like fun???

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