I have a hard time feeling sorry for this lady

Woman and 2 year old removed from plane

I hate to break the news to her, but just because she has a kid does not give her more rights than the rest of the passengers on the plane. I would venture to say that the flight attendant will probably be fired for this, and that just sucks. I realize that Mommy wants to fly, but if she wants to fly, she has to respect the other passengers on the plane. If her son can’t behave on the plane (and reading the article, she has had this exact same problem with the screaming little snot), then she should have had enough sense to figure out that it needed to be dealt with.

An isolated incident would be one thing, but from the looks of it, this child has exhibited disruptive behavior in the past while traveling by plane. Maybe instead of being pissed, Mom should get a clue. And kids can be well behaved while flying, I have seen plenty that didn’t disrupt the entire plane with temper tantrums.

Time for folks to realize that in some cases the fruit of their loins is spoiled.

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