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Bed buddies

The M & M’s. Mir (DC Mielikki A Kind of Magic SC, LCM, SGRC, ORC) and Minnie the kitty. Minnie came here under tragic circumstances, her owners life was senselessly cut short. Mir and Minnie are big buddies, and she … Continue reading

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Still irritating

But at least I have avoided the dreaded cast so far. That deep seated ache has settled in now, which tells me that things are knitting back together. Thankfully my hands and fingers have always healed pretty quickly, so I … Continue reading

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Some days u win. Not today, at least not for me. Look at this. Would you just look at this. THIS my friends, is some bullshit. That is what a thumb broken in two places looks like. A thumb broken … Continue reading

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And more cool stuff…….

Here’s a video of Colleen’s boy Baron lure coursing. He runs just like his brother Van Geaux and sister BeBe. Hot stuff for sure! Look at him powering down that straight. Just gotta love them fast dogs.

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Here he is!

DJ showing his stuff in agility. He is owned and loved by Deb Fraker, and we are both very proud of him 🙂 Go DJ! What a good boy!

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And even more good news…..

Deb tells me that DJ (littermate to Van Geaux) finished his Novice Standard agility title this weekend and got another leg towards his JWW title with a first place! Hopefully pictures will come soon. Congrats to everyone!

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Pretty damn good weekend

Busy, but good. It started out on Saturday with Sonnet picking up BOB at the Florence AKC trials for two more points, then I check my voice mail to find out that Barron (Flagg x Phoenix) was first in open … Continue reading

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