Short on time.

I have much to do this week to get ready for the upcoming NLCC weekend. Absolutely NOTHING is done. Trailer not ready, big van not ready, me not ready. Gah.

Of course, the good news is the weather is supposed to be shitty this week, which means I will be off work and can get things done. The bad news is that the weather is supposed to be shitty, which means it will be that much harder to get things done.

We returned home early from our planned festivities out west. Van Geaux pulled up lame. Once I got him home and had some help (to sit on his silly ass), I located the offending cactus spine and removed it. He’s already doing much better. Cuda is not speaking to me because I left him at home, but he will get past that once I load him in the van for this weekend.

Once we get past the NLCC, just a couple weeks before we go try to catch longears out west again. My friend Nancy is going again, with her young girl. We may try for a trip out before then, just to free course on BLM lands. Nothing organized, just a shitload of fun. If not, I may head up to the panhandle and chase me some wiley’s.

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