Can someone out there explain to me why someone in a small car would feel it necessary to pull out in front of a large van pulling a heavy travel trailer, on wet roads, in the dark?

My Dodge almost had to pick a Prius out of its’ teeth. Thank goodness for stout trailer brakes and big tires on the van. I stopped, but just barely. The idiot in the Prius never realized I was there until it suddenly dawned on him that headlights were shining in his drivers window……and they were much too close. HOW IN THE HELL do you miss 12,000 pounds of high profile vehicle and trailer? Even in the dark, I am lit up like a Christmas tree. It’s not exactly a stealth vehicle.

I hope he had to change his shorts, because I very nearly needed to change mine. Nothing quite like that helpless feeling as you see a car looming before you, and knowing that you may very well not stop in time.

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